SSG Fixtures 22nd & 23rd Feb 2020

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Saturday 22nd February 2020

Saturday Twin Under 8A

Ratoath Harps v Balbriggan FC Cityjet Pk 10am

Dunboyne AFC v Rivervalley Rangers Summerhill Rd 10am

Donacarney Celtic v Clonee Utd Blackhills 10am

Ashbourne Utd v Maynooth Town Archerstown Grounds 10am

Saturday Twin Under 8B

Donacarney Celtic v Laytown Utd Blackhills 11am

Baldoyle Utd v Howth Celtic AFC Racecourse Pk 10am

Bohemian FC v Rush Athletic Inspire Fitness 10am

Ratoath Harps v St Itas AFC Cityjet Pk 11am

Saturday Twin Under 8C

Rivervalley Rangers v Stamullen FC Rivervalley Pk 10am

Ashbourne Utd v Baldoyle Utd Archerstown Grounds 11am

Grange Woodbine v Donacarney Celtic Woodbine Rd 11am

East Meath Utd v Balscadden Boys Minnestown 11.30am

Under 9A

Skerries Town FC v Rush Athletic Park Lane 12pm

Maynooth Town v Baldoyle Utd Rathcoffey Rd 10am

Darndale FC "J” v Mornington Celtic Darndale Pk 10am

Dunboyne AFC v Clonee Utd Summerhill Rd 11am

Under 9B

Ashbourne Utd v St Ita’s AFC Archerstown Grounds 12pm

Dunboyne AFC v Darndale FC "P" Summerhill Rd 12pm

Baldoyle Utd v Laytown Utd Racecourse Pk 11am

Stamullen FC v East Meath Utd Gormanstown College 10am

Under 9C

Balbriggan FC v Rivervalley Rangers ST Molagas Pk 10am

Clonee Utd v Skerries Town Damastown 10am

Malahide Utd v Balscadden FC Malahide Castle 10.30am

Ratoath Harps v Howth Celtic AFC Cityjet Pk 12pm

Under 9D

Artane Beaumont v East Meath Utd Rockfield Pk 11am

Grange Woodbine v Maynooth Town Woodbine Rd 12pm

Malahide Utd v Ashbourne Utd Malahide Castle 11.30am

Skerries Town v St Columban’s FC Town Pk 1pm

St Francis FC IDLE 

Under 10A

Maynooth Town FC v Skerries Town FC Rathcoffey Rd 10am D Gallagher

Baldoyle Utd v St Itas AFC Seagrange Rd 10am T Coughlan

Balbriggan FC v Mornington Celtic St Molagas Pk 10am R Barrett

Ashbourne Utd v Ratoath Harps Archerstown Grounds 10am S Hand

East Meath Utd IDLE

Under 10B

Balbriggan FC v Baldoyle Utd St Molagas Pk 11am R Barrett

Laytown Utd v Rush Athletic FC Seafield 10am M Wright

Dunboyne AFC v East Meath Utd Summerhill Rd 10am D Farrell

Maynooth Town FC v Clonee Utd Rathcoffey Rd 11am D Gallagher

Ratoath Harps IDLE

Under 10C

Skerries Town FC v Stamullen FC Town Pk 10am Iain Ward

Artane/Beaumont v Dunboyne AFC Rockfield Pk 10am O Walker

Rush Athletic FC v Balbriggan FC St Catherine's Pk 10am W Scully

Kilmount FC v Ratoath Harps Mt Olive Ave 10am J Harvey

Under 10D

Ashbourne Utd v Bohemian FC Archerstown Grounds 11am S Hand

Rivervalley Rangers v Maynooth Town FC OFF

Howth Celtic AFC v Malahide Utd Celtic Pk 10am S Hardiman

Stamullen FC v Mornington Celtic Gormanstown College 10am C Casey

St Itas AFC v Dunboyne AFC Ballymastone 10am G Murphy

Balscadden Boys IDLE

Under 10E

East Meath Utd v McKelvey Celtic Minnestown Rd 10am Kevin Doyle

Balrath FC v Skerries Town FC Balrath Pk 10am N Rogers

Laytown Utd v Maynooth Town FC Seafield Pk 11am M Wright

Kilmount FC v Clonee Utd Mt Olive Ave 11am J Harvey

Rivervalley Rangers v Malahide Utd Rivervalley Pk 10am Reece Byrne

Balbriggan FC v Artane/Beaumont St Molagas Pk 12pm R Barrett 

Under 11A

East Meath Utd v Maynooth Town FC Minnestown Rd 11am Kevin Doyle

Ratoath Harps v Rivervalley Rangers Cityjet Pk 10am S Lynch

Rush Athletic FC v Mornington Celtic St Catherine's Pk 11am W Scully

Dunboyne AFC v Ashbourne Utd Summerhill Rd 11am D Farrell

Skerries Town FC v St Itas AFC Town Pk 11am Iain Ward

Baldoyle Utd v Balbriggan FC Seagrange Rd 11am T Coughlan

Under 11B

Mornington Celtic v Laytown Utd Castlemartin 10am R Robinson

East Meath Utd v Balbriggan FC Minnestown Rd 12pm Kevin Doyle

Bohemian FC v St Columban's S/B OFF

Baldoyle Utd v Stamullen FC Seagrange Rd 12pm T Coughlan

Under 11C

Rivervalley Rangers v Dunboyne AFC Rivervalley Pk 11am Reece Byrne

Dingle Utd v Howth Celtic AFC John Paul Pk 1 10am Joe O'Reilly (D70

Mornington Celtic v Lusk Utd Castlemartin 11am R Robinson

Artane/Beaumont v Malahide Utd Rockfield Pk 11am O Walker

Kilmore Celtic v Clonee Utd Oscar Traynor Rd 10am Liam Byrne

Under 11D

Willows FC v Howth Celtic AFC Poppintree Pk No3 10am C Lawrence

Balbriggan FC v Kentstown Rovers St Molagas Pk 10am Liam Conlon

Maynooth Town FC v Lusk Utd Rathcoffey Rd 12pm D Gallagher

Ratoath Harps v St Itas AFC Cityjet Pk 11am S Lynch

Malahide Utd v Kilmore Celtic Malahide Castle 10.30am B Emerson

Under 11E

Ashbourne Utd v Rivervalley Rangers Archerstown Grounds 12pm S Hand

Willows FC v Stamullen FC Poppintree Pk No3 11am C Lawrence

Lusk Utd v Rush Athletic FC Rathmore Rd 11am John O'Brien

Howth Celtic AFC v Skerries Town FC Celtic Pk 11am S Hardiman

Swords Manor FC v Clonee Utd Brackenstown Rd 10am A McGovern

Under 11F

Laytown Utd v Ashbourne Utd Seafield Laytown 12pm M Wright

Maynooth Town FC v Navan Road United Rathcoffey Rd 10am S Lechridge

Grange Woodbine FC v Bohemian FC Woodbine Rd 10am D Cleary

Mornington Celtic v McKelvey Celtic Castlemartin 12pm R Robinson

Kentstown Rovers v Howth Celtic AFC Greenstar Pk 10am Local Ref

East Meath Utd v Balscadden Boys Minnestown Rd 1pm Kevin Doyle

Rush Athletic FC v Dunboyne AFC St Catherine's Pk 12pm W Scully

Sunday 23rd February 2020

Sunday Under 8/9s

Malahide Utd v Mornington Celtic Malahide Castle 10.30am

Rush Athletic v Balrath FC St Catherine’s Pk 10am

Kentstown Rovers “Black” v Balrothery FC Greenstar Pk 10am

Kentstown Rovers “Red” Blackhills v Skerries Town Greenstar Pk 11.15am

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